Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Purge-athon Part 5: Food Clutter

My week-long clutter-clearing marathon included the fridge, too.

This was not such a big deal.  Not nearly as big as dealing with the mass of general clutter all over the house...

or the piles of paper clutter I shredded and recycled during the week.

Pretty much the only reason I mention cleaning out my refrigerator is so I can pass along one really good tip.
It's this --------------->

The best way I have found to absorb refrigerator odors is not a little box of baking soda.  (Don't make me laugh!)  It's not even vinegar, although that is good for occasional acute stinkiness.  No, what I find works best is newspaper.  Slip a page of newspaper under each drawer, and see for yourself.

It not only works, it works for a long time.  Purge-athon 2014 took place the week following Father's Day; the old sheets of newspaper I replaced in my fridge that week were dated from January.  Just saying.

While you're at it, toss a few sheets of newspaper in your kitchen trash can under the bag and in your garbage cans, too.  Our garbage cans used to reeeeeeally smell.  It was an embarrassment.  I tried everything to freshen them up, including scrubbing them with chlorine bleach.  Everything worked for a while, but ultimately the smell came back.  Then I tried simply lining the bottoms of the cans with newspaper, and the smell disappeared.  No smell at all.

One of these days I'm going to try stuffing newspaper in my kid's shoes. 

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