Wednesday, September 30, 2015

PORK (get in my) BELLY!

For months I have been wanting to try pork belly.  Seems like it's all the talk on the Food Network, but every store I went to had the same claim, "Oh, yeah.  Pork belly.  We get that sometimes, but we don't have any now."  I almost gave up.

But then COSTCO!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Seeds of Change Organic Quinoa and Brown Rice with Garlic

Boy, do I love Costco!  One of my favorite things to buy there is the Seeds of Change organic quinoa and brown rice that comes in a microwavable pouch.  Healthy, delicious and ready in 90 seconds!

Lately I've given up processed foods, especially prepared side dishes that come in a box or a pouch.  (I explain why in this post.)  But this is a rare exception.

Check the label -- every ingredient is actual, recognizable food, except for a bit of soy emulsifier.  And though I try to avoid soy, I'm not going to flip out about the small amount in a product I enjoy in moderation.  Especially when it comes with quinoa and brown rice and garlic and onion and parsley.... yum!

(I am not in any way affiliated with this brand.  Nor was I compensated for this review.  I just think this stuff is good!)

I Buy My Green Beans at Target

These are the best-tasting green beans I have ever tried.  I get them at my local Target, and every time I go in there, I clean out their entire supply.

They make a quick, healthy side dish -- just 5 minutes in the microwave, right in their own bag.

I also use them to make a really tasty cold salad that is the perfect dish for a party or a potluck.  People always ask me for the recipe.  You can get it if you click here.

Recently I tried the same brand's roasted sweet potatoes, and they were great, too!

(I am not in any way affiliated with this brand.  Nor was I compensated for this review.  I just love these green beans!)

a.k.a Too-many-tomatoes Salad

Thanks to my weekly CSA delivery service, I have enough tomatoes to feed an army.  But only if the army is really, really hungry.

Desperation Chicken

I know I'm not the only person who sometimes finds herself staring at the clock at 5 pm and wondering where a whole day went... and what in the world am I going to make for dinner?! Recently, on just such an occasion, I found myself with under an hour to cook something using the only two fresh ingredients I had available at the time: a package of boneless chicken thighs and a pint of organic cherry tomatoes from my weekly CSA produce delivery.  Naturally, I turned to my bff Pinterest....