Saturday, June 14, 2014

What Blooms in June

I took a walk through Wegerzyn Gardens Metropark the other day.  I had to.  I was driving past the park for the second time on a day that I thought was going to kill me.  (I won't go into the details -- I don't have to, because I'm pretty sure you've had days like that yourself.)  I figured it was either take a walk in the park or dive head first into a pile of cupcakes or something.  And I didn't have any cupcakes.

The walk was a good move.  I estimate it took the gardens about 30 minutes to quiet the mental frenzy that had built up for several hours (days, weeks, all month!).  And with zero added sugars.

Yes, I took photos!  Take a "walk" through my pictures and see what blooms here in June...

Allium as big as my head.

Clematis climbing an iron gate.  



The elegant iris


Hardy little evening primrose

Queen Anne's Lace 
(It's just so... lacy!)

Roses, of course.
White and...

Hot pink!

Spiky purple salvia

Sedum growing in a stone wall



 Ah, the serenity of the garden!

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