Friday, February 14, 2014

Fresh, Organic, Seasonal, Local.... This is why I started this blog!!!

Last year I participated in a community-supported agriculture program, aptly called "The Happy Box."  Throughout the growing season, I received weekly deliveries, straight to my door, of produce raised organically and fresh-picked by a local farmer.  And let me tell you, people:  there ain't nothing better than that!

"My farmer" is Milan Pajev, a Bulgarian horticulturist who first came to this country in 1998 through an international fellowship program at The Ohio State University College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.  A few years later he was joined by his wife Tanya, and together they pursued their dream of building an organic agriculture program in Ohio's Miami Valley. Starting with only 6 customers, the Happy Box program of Fulton Farms began!

From the first week of March until mid-December, participants receive a weekly delivery of, well, whatever is ripe and ready!  Beautiful, fresh herbs, greens, fruits and vegetables, lovingly and locally grown.

Heck, yeah I'm signed up for the 2014 growing season, beginning the first week of March.  Every week I plan to share the contents of my box and what I do with it!  My goal this year is to cook, preserve or utilize every item with no waste.  (I admit, I lost a lot of my produce last year due to unfamiliarity: some things I didn't know what to do with; sometimes I didn't know what the dang thing was!)

Get ready for some good cooking!

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