Thursday, February 20, 2014

And now it looks like this....

Experiments with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Primer Red and Napoleonic Blue

Picture a well-built, but outdated and banged up child's table and chair set.  A relic from the 1990's in honey oak with a wood-look formica top and a generous sprinkling of scratches, paint stains, and probably boogers... yep, that was in my house.  The thing is, a generation of children played, ate and created at that little table, and a new generation has begun to do it all again.  It was worth some TLC.

I wanted something cheery and kid-friendly, but not overly bright.  I decided to give Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Primer Red and Napoleonic Blue a try.  I painted the chair and the sides and legs of the table in Primer Red.  Then I enhanced the spindles of the chair and some of the carved details with the Napoleonic Blue and finished with clear wax.

Rather than paint over the formica top, I taped off the edges with 3M painter's tape and spray-painted the inside with chalkboard paint.  Finally I stenciled a little lettering detail at one edge and used a black Sharpie pen to outline the letters.

And now it looks like this.  A new generation is using this furniture to play, eat and create.  It is pretty and durable -- I scrub it off daily, and all the surfaces have held up just fine.

Next I picked up a little coffee grinder at my favorite thrift store for about five bucks.

First I gave it a first coat of Primer Red...

(Spoiler alert:  Future ugly thrift store makeovers pictured!)

After the red was completely dry, I used a tiny amount of Napoleonic Blue to enhance the details.  To do this, I used a cheap, natural-bristle paint brush and just a dot of the blue paint on a paper plate.  I swished the dry brush through the paint until the brush was just barely tinged at the edge.

Then I slapped it over the corners, ridges and knobs.  And also very lightly across the flat surfaces.

I finished with a coat of dark wax.  

And now it looks like this.

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  1. Awesome job on the kid's table makeover - it caught my eye at the Twirl And Take A Bow Party. I recently did a makeover on one too, also using chalkboard paint on the top which is awesome for kids to play on. Great job on yours! Love what you did to the grinder as well.
    Marie @ The Interior Frugalista

    1. Thanks, Marie! This post gets a lot of views, but few comments. I appreciate the feedback!

  2. Ok, I'm crafty, but not quite this crafty. I've always wanted to try chalkboard paint, and had no idea it came in the spray paint variety! I'm kind of excited too. Now on to the next project. Tell me more about this dark wax. I've never done anything like this before and I want to know all about. You could write an entire blog post about it for me, LOL. I love all things crafty, I just don't get my hands dirty with it all as often as I should. I think it shows. Anyway, thanks so much for linking up to the Sunshine Life Blog Link Up again this week. I'm loving the posts you're sharing and I can't wait for next week!