Thursday, June 11, 2015

Un Funk Yourself - Part One

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness.  Mostly because it’s eluding me.  It would be absurd to say I’m UNhappy, because I have blessings beyond measure.  I gratefully acknowledge that I’m more fortunate than the majority of people who walk the planet.  Or have EVER walked the planet.  Knowing this, however, doesn’t always keep me from feeling…

I am in a funk.  Majorly.  I need to figure out how to un-funk myself.

So recently I read Gretchen Rubin's book The Happiness Project.  (And to be honest, my frequent reaction was an urge to suggest to the author that she get over herself.  Nevertheless... )  I found some of Rubin’s ideas intriguing.  Basically, she advises all earnest seekers of greater contentment to:
  • identify the essential components for your personal pursuit of happiness
  • come up with a set of measurable actions (resolutions) for achieving them
  • tackle each component in turn, devoting full attention to one before moving on to the next. 

And so Rubin started her own happiness project with a fully developed and documented plan that included 11 different targets and their associated resolutions -- one target per month with a final month to relish it all coming together.  The Happiness Project chronicles this mission:  one woman’s entire year of thoughtfully and mindfully striving to happi-fy herself.

 I myself decided to dispense with most of the fussiness, and – how about that! – I’m happier already! But seriously, I gleaned some good kernels from this book, and I’m ready to try putting them into action.  I’m ready to find out if happiness is truly something that can be crafted. 


  1. Oh, great post and I'll be interested in Part II. I love your writing style... honest, fun. Been feeling a little bit in a funk myself these days (aging parents and all), so your journey intrigues me.

    Hey, if you're interested, I'd love to have you post over on my new blog hop at It's open all weekend.


    1. Been there and posted this. Or something. Great party, Jennifer. I've included it on my "Link up" page. You'll be seeing me there!

  2. Ahhh, the funk. I know it all too well. I'm working on this too and I'm trying to just start with the basics, I want my home to stop stressing me out, then I can move on from there.

  3. Here's another Funker.....
    New to your blog and every single time I open and read.......I find another kernal of info I need to pay attention to.
    I desparately need to perk up..........
    We got right down to the wire on closing on our FL home, that's for sale, and the deal fell out I mean, we had the boxes packed, movers lined up and everything.
    i'm anxious to learn how to defunk myself.
    Keep up your good works..........we all love readin...........

    1. Thank you, Ter'e! Those kernels are what I'm here for. I sympathize with your home selling debacle. I have been through the same, I hate to say. Such stress! It will work out, though, Granny promises. {hug}. I hope you will be back to share good news soon.